Big House DJ Services can pump up your sporting event and bring it alive!  Jamming music, energetic djs and lots of fun extras!   Big House features all of the major college fight songs, Olympic themes, sports themes and more!  Football, Basketball, NASCAR or even Golf - we have the songs to fit your event!  Here's more of what we can do:

Sporting Events
We will provide sound reinforcement for your play-by-play announcers. This is great for donkey basketball games, student/teacher games and benefits.  We provide the microphones, background music and pump-em-up jams to crank up your event.

Cheerleading Competitions
We bring the equipment, you bring the tracks.  We'll load them up and have them ready for the competition.  Do you need tracks edited down to shorter versions?  Ask about the costs for those services as well.

Sports Parties
Big game coming up?  Let us bring the music to your party!  Songs for any sport from football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR and even golf (yes, there is golf music out there)!

For any questions related to our service, please contact us!  Your complete satisfaction is our goal!