Big House has the largest collection of Halloween music available to play at your next event in Northwest Ohio.  Liven up your next All Hallow's Eve with the best Halloween music around

Addams Family    -    Vic Mizzy
Addams Family    -    Original Theme
Addam's Groove    -    MC Hammer
Alfred Hitchcock Presents    -    Theme
All Hallow's Eve    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman    -    Tubes
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes    -    Lewis Lee
Bad Moon Rising    -    CCR
Beep Beep    -    Playmates
Bewitched    -    Peggy Lee
Bewitched    -    Original Theme
Blob    -    Five Blobs
Bo Meets The Monster    -    Bo Diddley
Boogie Man Is Outside    -    John Carpenter
Boogieman Nights    -    Ikeman
Candyman    -    Theme
Casper the Friendly Ghost    -    Little Richard
Casper, the Friendly Ghost    -    KC & the Sunshine Band
Casper, The Friendly Ghost    -    Peter Pan Players
Castin' My Spell    -    Johnny Otis
Club Ghoul    -    Boys II Gouls
Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati    -    Rose & The Arrangement
Creature Stole My Surfboard    -    Dead Elvi
Crystal    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Dark Shadows Theme    -    Robert Cobert
Dead Man's Party    -    Oingo Boingo
Devil in My Car    -    B52s
Doin' the Zombie    -    Chubby Checker
Everyday Is Halloween    -    Ministry
Extrasensory Deception    -    David Allan & Phantom Surf
Flying Dutchman    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Frankenstein of '59    -    Buchanan & Goodman
Frankenstein Returns    -    Buchanan & Goodman
Frankenstein's Den    -    Hollywood Flames
Freaks Come Out at Night    -    Uncle Kracker f Busta
Freaks Come Out at Night    -    Whodini
Funeral March Of A Marionette    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Ghostbusters    -    Ray Parker Jr
Gravewalk    -    Satan's Pilgrims
Hall Of The Mountain King    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Halloween    -    Aqua
Halloween    -    Siouxsie & The Banshees
Halloween (She's So Mean)    -    Rob Zombie
Halloween 1963    -    John Carpenter
Halloween 1978    -    John Carpenter
Halloween Dance    -    Reverend Horton Heat
Halloween Hootenanny    -    Zacherle
Halloween Intro    -    PM Dawn
Halloween Theme    -    John Carpenter
Halloween Theme End Credits    -    John Carpenter
Halloween vs Freddie Krueger    -    Techno Mix
Happy Boy    -    Beat Farmers
Happy Halloween    -    Zacherle
Harvest Dance    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Haunted Heart    -    Sammy Kershaw
Haunted House    -    Elvira
Haunted House    -    Johnny Fuller
Haunted House of Rock    -    Whodini
Headless Horseman    -    Kay Starr
Hedge    -    John Carpenter
He's Here    -    John Carpenter
House of a Thousand Corpses    -    Rob Zombie
I Put A Spell On You    -    Screamin' Jay Hawkins
It's Your Voodoo Working    -    Charles Sheffield
Light's Out    -    John Carpenter
Lil' Red Riding Hood    -    Sam Sham
Little Demon    -    Amazing Crowns
Midnight Stroll    -    Revels
Monster Mash    -    Bobby Boris Pickett
Monsters' Holiday    -    Bobby Boris Pickett
Morgus The Magnificent    -    Morgus & the Ghouls
Munsters Theme    -    Comateens
Music To Be Murdered By    -    Jeff Alexander
My Son, The Vampire    -    Allan Sherman
Nature Trail To Hell    -    Weird Al Yankovic
Night On Bald Mountain    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix)    -    Brain Bug
Nightmare on My Street    -    DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
No Costume, No Candy    -    Swingin' Neckbreakers
No One Lives Forever    -    Oingo Boingo
Purple People Eater    -    Sheb Wooley
Ride Of The Valkyries    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Rite Of Twilight    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Rock & Roll Graveyard    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Screamin' Ball at Dracula Hall    -    Duponts
Shape    -    John Carpenter
Shape Stalks Laurie    -    John Carpenter
Sinister Purpose    -    Zacherle with Southern Culture
Somebody's Watching Me    -    Rockwell
Sorcerer's Apprentice    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Spooks Night Out    -    Legendary Invisible Man
Spooky    -    Classics IV
Spooky Madness    -    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Tales from the Crypt    -    Original Theme
That's What Ghouls & Vampires    -    Ghoulies
Theme From Halloween    -    MX80 Sound
Theme from the Munsters    -    Billy Strange
There's a New Sound    -    Tony Burrello
They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Haaa!    -    Napoleon XIV
Thing    -    Phil Harris
This Is Halloween    -    Danny Elfman
Thriller    -    Michael Jackson
Time Warp    -    Rocky Horror
Toccata In deMole    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Turn Around    -    John Carpenter
Twilight Zone    -    John Williams
Weird Science    -    Oingo Boingo
Werewolf    -    Five Man Electrical Band
Werewolf    -    Southern Culture on the Skids
Werewolves Of London    -    Warren Zevon
Werewolves on Wheels    -    Born Losers
When You're Evil    -    Voltaire
Witch Doctor    -    Armand Van Helden
Witch Doctor    -    Sha Na Na
Witch Queen Of New Orleans    -    Redbone
Witchcraft    -    Frank Sinatra
Witchy Woman    -    Eagles
Z Row Gravity    -    Mannheim Steamroller
Zombie Stomp    -    Elvira