Planning on drifting back to the era of Frank, Dean and Sammy?  Think of a smoky bar, cigars and a piano in the corner.  We have the best lounge music around!  From Esquivel to Yma Sumac, we make sure to keep the tunes groovy - plus it makes a great background for your next casino night, Monte Carlo event or Las Vegas party.

Adios, Mariquita Linda    -    Esquivel
Ain't That A Kick In The Head    -    Dean Martin
Alika    -    Webley Edwards
All Or Nothing At All    -    George Auld
Amy's Theme    -    Martin Denny
April In Paris    -    Gloria Lynne
Atlantis    -    Les Baxter
Autumn Leaves    -    Three Suns
Babalu    -    Yma Sumac
Baisa    -    Bill Perkins
Bali Ha'i    -    Gloria Lynne
Bali Ha'i    -    Tak Shindo
Balinese Bongos    -    Les Baxter
Barbarella    -    Ferrante & Teicher
Beast    -    Milt Buckner
Beat Girl    -    John Barry
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, La Furiosa    -    Jack Costanzo
Bernie's Tune    -    Al Caiola
Bernie's Tune    -    Curley Hamner & Milt Bukner
Beyond The Reef    -    Arthur Lyman
Big Town    -    Laurindo Almeida & the Danzaneros
Big Twist    -    Plas Johnson
Black Coffee    -    Julie London
Blue Moon    -    Ferrante & Teicher
Blues In My Heart    -    John Buzon Trio
Blues in the Night    -    Alvino Rey
Bongo Bash & Sax Con Ritmo    -    Pepe Dominguin & Jack Costanzo
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams & Fever    -    Sam Butera
Brazil    -    Tino Contreras
Calcutta    -    Les Baxter
Can Can Overture    -    Jack Costanzo
Caravan    -    80 Drums Around the World
Caravan    -    Dick Hyman
Caravan    -    Gordon Jenkins
Caravan    -    John Buzon Trio
Carioca    -    Esquivel
Carioca    -    Martin Denny
Cast Your Fate to the Wind    -    Joe Harnell
Cha Cha Cha d' Amour    -    Dean Martin
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White    -    Les Baxter & Billy May
Chihuahua    -    Luis Oliveira
Choo Choo Cha Cha    -    Rinky Dinks
Closer To The Bone    -    Louis Prima
Club Caballeros    -    Laurindo Almeida
Come In Out Of The Rain    -    Oscar Moore Trio
Concerto For Love    -    Jerry Wiggins
Cool    -    Lou Busch & His Orchestra
Cool    -    Martin Denny
Crazy Rhythm    -    Guitars Unlimited
Cuando Vuelvo A Tu Lado    -    Alfredo Rodriguez
Cumana    -    Henri Rose & Bobby Stevenson
Danke Schoen    -    Wayne Netwton
Danny's Inferno    -    Three Suns
Dansero    -    Don Baker Trio
Dark Eyes, It Happened    -    Mallet Men & 80 Drums
Deep Night & Softly As In A Morning Sunrise    -    Terry Snyder
Desafinado    -    Laurindo Almeida
Desafinado    -    Si Zentner
Dig That Crazy Chick    -    Sam Butera & the Witnesses
Diga Diga Doo    -    John Buzon
Do It Again    -    April Stevens
Dr No's Fantasy    -    Elliott Fisher
Dragnet & Room 43    -    Ray Anthony
Drivin' Around the Block    -    Dickie Harrell
Ebb Tide    -    Al Anthony
Ebb Tide    -    Out Islanders
El Cumbanchero    -    Don Swan
Enchanted Farm    -    Forbidden Five
Exotique Bossa Nova    -    Martin Denny
Experiment In Terror    -    Al Caiola
Fever    -    Peggy Lee
Fever    -    Richard Marino & His Orchestra
Fever, Comin' Home Baby    -    Ernie Freeman Combo
Flying Fiddles    -    Shay Torrent
Fools Rush In    -    Andre Kostelanetz
French Poodle    -    Sam Butera & the Witnesses
From Russia WIth Love    -    Count Basie
From Russia With Love    -    Ulterior Motive Orchestra
Gay Spirits    -    David Rose
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You    -    Jimmy Witherspoon
Girl From Impanema    -    Laurindo Almeida
Girl From Ipanema    -    Arthur Lyman
Girl From Ipenema & Meditation    -    Denny McLain
Girl Talk    -    Billy May
Girl Talk    -    Howard Roberts
Girlfriend Of The Whirling Dervish    -    Martin Denny
Glow Worm Cha Cha Cha    -    Jackie Davis
Go Slow    -    Julie London
Goldfinger    -    Count Basie and His Orchestra
Good, The Bad And The Ugly    -    Leroy Holmes
Gopher Mambo    -    Yma Sumac
Hana Maui    -    Chick Floyd
Harlem Nocturne    -    Louis Prima & Sam Butera
Harlem Nocturne    -    Martin Denny
Harlem Nocturne    -    Spike Jones New Band
Hello, Dolly!    -    Bobby Darin
Hernando's Hideaway    -    Billy May's Rico Mambo Orch
High On a Windy Hill    -    Marty Gold
Holiday for Strings    -    Walter Schumann
Hooray For Hollywood (Cha-Cha)    -    Don Swan
Hot Rod Rumble    -    Sandy Courage
Hypnolique    -    Martin Denny
I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me    -    John Buzon
I Dig    -    Les Baxter
I Get a Kick Out of You    -    Felix Slatkin
I Spy    -    Earle Hagen
I, A Lover, De Sade    -    Leroy Holmes
If I Should Lose You    -    George Shearing
Ill Wind    -    John Buzon Trio
I'm in the Mood for Love    -    Andre Previn
Inch Worm    -    Jack Costanzo
Isle Of Golden Dreams    -    Arthur Lyman
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)    -    Joe Carr
It Must be True    -    John Buzon
James Bond Theme    -    Leroy Holmes
Jump, Jive, An' Wail    -    Louis Prima
Jungle Madness    -    Martin Denny
L O V E    -    Nat King Cole
La Cumparsa & Harlem Nocturne    -    Jack Costanzo
La Paloma    -    Stardust Steel Band
Late, Late Show    -    Milt Buckner
Latin Fever    -    Jack Costanzo
Laura & More    -    Denny McLain
Lazy Bones    -    Dick Shory's Percussion & Brass
Like Young    -    Dave Pell
Li'l Darlin'    -    Joe Bucci Trio
Little Bird, Little Boat    -    Bill Perkins
Little Girl    -    Vic Damone
Lonesome Road    -    Dean Elliott
Look of Love    -    Billy May
Love is Just Around The Corner    -    Jackie Davis
Love is Just Around the Corner    -    Leo Addeo
Love Song Of Kalua    -    Arthur Lyman
Lover    -    Richard Marino
Lullaby of the Leaves    -    Three Sunds
Lunar Rhapsody    -    Les Baxter
Lust    -    Bas Sheva
Magnificent Seven    -    Tito Rodriguez
Malambo -1    -    Yma Sumac
Mambo Jambo    -    Dave Barbour
Man And A Woman    -    Sir Julian
Man And A Woman, Live for Life    -    Billy May
Man With The Golden Arm    -    Billy May
Manana    -    Jackie Davis
Manhattan Idyl    -    Henri Rene
Mas Que Nada    -    Rubin Mitchell
Meditation    -    Laurindo Almeida
Melancholy Serenade    -    King Curtis
Misfits    -    Don Costa
Misirlou    -    Laurindo Almeida
Misirlou    -    Martin Denny
Misirlou & Quien Sera    -    Nick Perito
Mission Impossible    -    Billy May
Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang    -    Elliott Fisher
Misty    -    Erroll Garner
Moderna Muchacha    -    Joe Loco
Mood Indigo    -    Ray Martin
Moon Mist    -    Out Islanders
Moon Moods    -    Les Baxter
Moon River    -    Henry Jerome
More    -    Bobby Darin
More I See You    -    Dave Grusin
Movin' At Midnight    -    Sir Julian
Mr Ghost Goes To Town    -    John Buzon Trio
Mr Ghost Goes To Town    -    John Buzon
My Funny Valentine    -    Dave Grusin
Nega Se Vingou    -    Walter Wanderley
Night In Tunisia    -    Latin Jazz Sextet
Night Train    -    Alvino Rey
Nightmare    -    Joe Loco
Oink, Oink Mambo    -    Chuy Reyes
On Green Dolphin Street & Hernando's Hideaway    -    Martin Denny
One Mint Julep    -    Earl Palmer & King Curtis
One Note Samba    -    Leroy Holmes
Our Winter Love    -    Bill Pursell
Out Of My Dreams    -    Stardust Steel Band
Oye Negra    -    Terry Snyder
Patricia    -    Billy May
Perfidia    -    Jackie Davis
Peter Gunn Mambo    -    Jack Costanzo
Peter Gunn Suite    -    Ray Anthony
Peter Gunn Twist & Tequila With A Twist    -    Ray Anthony & His Bookends
Ping Pong    -    Bernie Green
Pink Panther, It Had Better Be Tonight    -    Plas Johnson
Playboy's Theme    -    Cy Coleman
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone    -    Sammy Davis Jr
Power House    -    Bobby Hammack
Punctuated Performance    -    Henri Rene
Puttin' on the Ritz    -    Terry Snyder
Pyramid Of The Sun    -    Les Baxter
Que Sabe Voce De Mim    -    Walter Wanderley
Quiet Nights    -    Cannonball Adderley & Sergio Mendes
Quiet Village    -    Martin Denny
Recado Bossa Nova    -    Laurindo Almeida
Rock Cha Rhumba    -    Various Artists
Rockhouse    -    Ernie Freeman Combo
Room is My Castle of Quiet    -    Billy May
Ruby    -    Les Baxter & His Orchchestra
Runnin' Wild    -    Dick Schory's Percussion & Brass
Sabre Dance    -    Les Baxter
Samba De Orfeu    -    Bill Perkins
Samba De Orfeu    -    Ray Anthony
Satan Takes a Holiday    -    Jack Malmsten
Saturday Night on Saturn    -    Les Baxter
Sea Breeze    -    Arthur Lyman
Seance On A Wet Afternoon    -    John Barry
Search For Vulcan    -    Leroy Holmes
Serenata    -    Jonah Jones Quartet
Sexe    -    Line Renaud
Shadow Of Your Smile, Days Of Wine And Roses    -    Ray Anthony
Shangri La    -    Spike Jones New Band
Shot In The Dark    -    Jimmie Haskell
Silencers    -    Vikki Carr
Simba    -    Les Baxter
Since I Fell For You    -    Jimmy Witherspoon
Sleep Walk    -    Henri Rene & His Orchestra
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes    -    Mallet Men
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes    -    Paul Weston
So Dango Samba    -    Wanda De Sah
So Nice    -    Wanda De Sah & Sergio Mendes
So Nice (Samba De Verao)    -    Billy May
Song Of The Bayou    -    Martin Denny
Speakeasy Blues    -    Nelson Riddle
Spring, Sprang, Sprung    -    Jack Fascinato
Staccato's Theme    -    Elmer Bernstein
Stella by Starlight    -    Andre Previn
Street Scene    -    Sam Butera
Street Scene '58    -    Lou Busch
Stumbling    -    Leo Addeo
Stumbling    -    Tak Shindo
Sunday In New York    -    Bobby Darin
Sunny    -    Arthur Lyman
Swamp Fire    -    Martin Denny
Sway    -    Dean Martin
Sway    -    Julie London
Taboo    -    Leo Arnaud
Taki Rari    -    Yma Sumac
Tanya    -    Plas Johnson
Tenderly    -    Jackie Gleason
That Old Black Magic    -    Louis Prima & Keely Smith
The Shadow Of Your Smile    -    Arthur Lyman
Theme for Young Lovers    -    Percy Faith
Theme From 'Our Man Flint'    -    Elliott Fisher
Theme From Picnic    -    Terry Snyder
Theme From Route 66    -    Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra
Theme From The Apartment    -    Tito Rodriguez
Thinking Of Baby    -    Elmer Bernstein
Third Man Theme    -    Don Baker Trio
Tico Tico (Samba)    -    Don Swan
Topsy    -    Joe Bucci Trio
Triste    -    Howard Roberts
Turquoise    -    Milt Buckner
Under Paris Skies    -    Bernie Green
Untouchables    -    Nelson Riddle
Vay Con Dios    -    Harry Zimmerman
Voce E Eu    -    Walter Wanderly
Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)    -    Dean Martin
Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)    -    Nelson Riddle
Voodoo Dreams    -    Les Baxter
Walk On The Wild Side    -    Si Zentner
Watch What Happens    -    Denny McLain
Watermelon Man    -    King Curtis
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans Mambo    -    Van Alexander
What is this Thing Called Love    -    Andre Kostelanetz
What Is This Thing Called Love    -    Keely Smith
Whatever Lola Wants    -    Les Baxter
Wild Ones    -    Lou Busch
Willow Weep For Me    -    Whistling Artistry of Muzzy Marcellino
Wimoweh    -    Yma Sumac
Witchcraft    -    Joe Graves & the Diggers
You Gotta Taste All The Fruit    -    Leroy Holmes
You Only Live Twice, Thunderball    -    Sir Julian
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To    -    Julie London
Young Savages    -    Martin Denny
Your Zowie Face    -    Leroy Holmes
You're My Thrill    -    Dolores Gray
You're My Thrill    -    George Auld
You're the Top    -    Dean Elliott
Zelda's Theme    -    Perez Prado